Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Guess where I am? Give up? Not yet? Now do you give up? got it! I am at work!! Not very surprising, eh? I decided that it was time to write about my Christmas adventures. They weren't too adventurous....and I am only going to write about one of them.

I have a couple friends who are out in the mission field. I thought it would be really nice to send them each a Christmas package full of random things. I wanted to include a treat and decided that it would be really awesome to send them those chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel rods. I never received those when I was a missionary and they are delish!! I went to our local grocery store and bought all the things I needed to make those wonderful treats. I was actually going to make homemade caramel to dip the pretzels in. I was pretty excited. These were going to be so fantasticle.

I started making the caramel and it took a really long time to reach the right temperature. I don't actually think it ever got to the right temperature before I decided that enough was enough. It turns out that in Utah you have to account for the elevation. I didn't.

I covered them in milk chocolate and drizzled them with white chocolate and they looked so YUMMY!
I mean...look at them:

Unfortunately when the caramel hardened, it hardened. I didn't want to be responsible for any broken teeth in the mission field so I didn't send them. But I did take a picture and I sent that. Sometimes imagining something is better than having the real thing. We ended up putting the pretzels into the blender and made delicious ice cream topping!! Now I have 6 jars of chococarametzel goodness that are going into my food storage. If you ever find yourself wanting for some topping to go on your ice cream, let me know. I might be able to spare a couple spoonfuls.

It was quite nice spending Christmas with my immediate family but I did miss my family in New York. Tengan una Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I were a guy....

Here I am, at work again! Just like yesterday, it is slow. Guess what I did today!! I designed my own suit! Pretty awesome right?! I decided that if I were I guy, I would take my cue from James Bond and have really nice suits that were tailor made. Suits make pretty much anyone look quite dashing. What makes them look even more better is when the suit actually fits.

Here my ideal suit:

First, it would be grey..(or is it gray?...I am going to look it up...hold on a sec.......ok...apparently they are both correct...I'll go with grey). While black, blue, tan, brown, champagne, and green suits all look good, Grey suits look SO good! Something about the color grey is fantastic.  I would actually have two grey suits. One is dark grey with a subtle checked pattern and the other one is a straight up light grey. Why do I need two? I'll tell you. I can't really decide between the two different shades of grey or if I'd want my suit to be double-breasted or single-breasted. If I get two, then I don't have to decide.

Click on the photo if your interested in a tailored suit! They'll send a style consultant!!

I thought about going into all the other details including (but not limited to) the lining, the pockets, the buttons, and the lapels, but that might just bore you. Just know that I would look incredibly sharp and smashing in whichever suit I chose to wear.

There are definitely a few things worth spending the money...a nicely tailored suit is one of them...with a nice paisley tie. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sitting at work

This week was supposed to be UBER busy for work because of all the special offers and promotions we are having. But alas, they scheduled pretty much all of us to work and right now, I am just sitting here...waiting...........It seems silly that so many of us are here and we are all just chillin.

I finished the book I brought and it was great. I wish I would've thought to bring another one. Things are the same on facebook and on google+. I already watched the shows online that I like to watch. So what else is there to do? Oh, I know! I'll update my blog! I updated it yesterday but so much has changed!! I changed my clothes....I changed from my contacts to my glasses....I guess that is really all that has changed. I'm sitting in the same seat by the same people doing the same job that I've done for a while now...but I like it! Not many people get paid to sit at a computer all day and do whatever....except for maybe Neil... what?

Yesterday my sister and I tried out to sing "The Step-sisters Lament" from Rogers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" in the stake musical. We made it!! I'll let you know what that is so you can come watch us! For those of you who read this and are familiar with my sister (Juicy) and I, you might think that this is something we probably wouldn't do. Well...I guess it seems more like something I would do than Juicy...anyway, the reason we decided to tryout was to prove to my Mother that we could. You might say that we are a little competitive....Dad would say that it is the "Carlisle" gene; I say that it comes from both sides of the family. If there is anything that you think we can't do, we will prove you wrong. So, come watch us in the stake musical! My two little sisters and mom are also participating. It will be fantastic!

Guess what else!! I have tried and tried to learn how to play bar chords on my guitar. That is where one finger acts as a is hard to explain...just know that it is really hard. The other day, I found the chords to a song that I really like and of course, one of them was a bar chord. I thought that I would just try to bar one more time and....SUCCESS! For some reason it just worked this time. That day was a very happy day.

1 hour and 41 minutes left of work....but whose counting. Now to figure out something else to do.........

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mini Me

My sister and I are pretty much like twins. We act the same, we run the same, we like to stay up late, we like to play, we kinda look the same, etc. The only main difference was that she had really long blonde hair and my hair is shorter. But, she got her hair cut and now our hair is the same! Isn't it awesome!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bring Night!

I was recently deep deep cleaning my room (and by recently I mean yesterday) and I heard this song playing on my itunes and I decided that I LOVE it! I didn't even know it existed until yesterday. Now I just have to listen to it over and over again. Here it is:

Thank you Juicy for introducing me to Sia. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Halloween

Better late than never right? So I finally finished my Halloween project. I'll tell you about it in a minute. For Halloween this year I was Batman. I must say that this is my favorite costume I have ever had. Here are a couple photos.

I was able to dress up for both of my jobs and even one a costume contest at one of them. It was awesome. Probably the best part about Halloween was this very special video that me and Jamie made.
Click on the link to see it: The Adventures of Batman and Robin. Can't wait until next year!! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

With a pain in the neck and a two and a three....

Sunday morning I woke up and what did I do? I don't really know...but it made my neck hurt way bad and it's still hurting (charlie). I never have had a pinched nerve before and I guess that is what happened. I pinched a nerve in my neck. I was totally freaking out. The thought of paralysis kept coming to mind but I could still move everything very well so I knew that diagnosis was out.  I hardly moved for a good hour or so...until my arm starting going numb because it was above my head and then I starting thinking that I had some sort of slow onset paralysis.  Maybe I was overreacting just a little. When it comes to head and neck pain, I AM A WIMP!! Break my thumb...oh no worries...I'll keep playing softball..,,can't close the glove but that doesn't matter, right?...I'll just catch it with my bare hands......(okay...I exaggerated the bare hands part a bit..but you get the idea)......A small sharp pain in my neck and I am down for the count. I now have more empathy for those that get pinched nerves often. They are not fun and I do not wish them on anybody. Thanks family for putting up with me!

P.S. To my older sisters (and maybe even the younger ones): I hope you are singing the same song I am :)

Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm am just going to start typing because I don't really know how to say what I want to say. I've just been thinking a lot lately about becoming the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Living up to my potential....except I don't like that word because potential is unattainable. It is possible as opposed to actual....according to the dictionary. It is something that I just want to be. I want it to be actual...right now. A person worth becoming can't be attained in one moment. And I fail. A lot. Fortunately, Christ suffered for my failures and with Him, I can overcome all things. He can make me into person he needs me to be as long as I do my best. I guess I am realizing how feeble willpower can be and at the same time, how strong it can be. It depends on the source. When it is coming only from me, it is quite weak. When I am coupled with Christ, my willpower is unmatchable. Why do I, then, walk away from him? Why do I unhook myself from his yolk and try to do things on my own? It is way harder! That is the natural man in me. It is funny how we think that we are taking an easier path. It may start out easier but in the end it is always harder. Sometimes I just want to see all the way to the end even though I am not very far from the beginning. At the same time, I don't want to see the end because what if I don't like it? Then what would I do? Gordon B Hinckley said "It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is. It all works out. Don’t worry. I say that to myself every morning. It will all work out. If you do your best, it will all work out. Put your trust in God, and move forward with faith and confidence in the future. The Lord will not forsake us. He will not forsake us.…If we will put our trust in Him, if we will pray to Him, if we will live worthy of His blessings, He will hear our prayers." I'll just keep working on trusting that even though things seem one way, Heavenly Father has a plan and everything will work out and I will find happiness. Now I am not saying that I am not happy because I am happy. My life is great. It is going very well for me right now. I have the best family EVER. My parents are so great and have taught me a lot more than they know and my sisters are my best friends. I have so many blessings it is ridiculous and somehow Heavenly Father sees fit to keep sending me more. I have a great job and soon I get to start school..again! Finally!! My life is so fantastic! But, I am human. I hope that in my humanly weakness, blindness, and stiffneckedness, I don't miss the special experiences that Heavenly Father has in store for me. I want to become the person in my patriarchal blessing. I want to be a force of righteousness and light in this world that is increasingly wicked and dark. I want people to want to know Christ because they know me. I want people to see his face in my countenance. There is a book that I read called "Moonwalking with Einstein." It is a very interesting book. I loved it and would recommend it. There is a...I guess you could call it a declaration..or a motto...I can't thing of the word for it right the group called the "Talented Tenth Manifesto." They say, "Either walk with our glory and rise to the top with us, or step aside, for when we get to the top, we will reach back and raise you up with us." This is the kind of life I want to live. One where I work as hard as I can to reach the top and as I get higher and higher, I turn around and lift others. So I say, "Either walk with my glory and rise to the top with me, or step aside, for when I get to the top, I will reach back and raise you up with me." I hope that doesn't sound too bold or conceited. I just want to make a difference.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something to think about

Today at work, my coworker asked a really interesting question. Why does paper always beat rock? If you hold a paper in front of your face and I throw a rock at it who wins? Something to think about.....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Neti Pot

I used a Neti Pot for the first time tonight. When I was on vacay, my sister was using her Neti Pot one morning and it totally grossed me out. Something about cleaning boogers out of your nose with liquid makes me gag a little bit. My Mom and I were talking about how we are getting a little sick. She said that she used the Neti Pot earlier today and I decided that I wanted to try it. I was a little nervous. I'm not a big fan of having liquids in my usually hurts. I don't know if I did it exactly right because it was just a little stream that came out the other side and when I saw my sister do it, the stream seemed a lot bigger. But even if I did it wrong I could breathe pretty well after I finished using it and it didn't even hurt! SUCCESS! I'm not sure it I'm converted to the Neti Pot just yet. I'll give it a few more tries.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I need some emotional support!!

I just received my new Kindle Touch...yes..I betrayed my Nook Simple Touch Reader. It wasn't a hard decision. As soon as I found out about it the Kindle Touch (okay..maybe like a week or two later), I ordered it. It is awesome! Right now I need some emotional support. Why? Because I am going through a inner conflict as to whether or not I should take off the plastic covering. I don't know what it is about electronics but I like to keep the plastic covering on as long as possible. I think my phone had part of the covering on for almost a month. The plastic on the screen of my Ipod was taken off about 2 weeks after I got it only because I was getting a more high tech cover put on (now it is almost indestructible..WOOT).  Now I am left alone with my Kindle and the plastic cover is staring me down, tempting me, trying to use its mind tricks to get me to pull it off. What to do? What to do?  Keep it on? Pull it off? Keep it on? Pull it off? I can't make this decision by myself!! I need something to help me decide like a flower, or a quarter, or maybe if the stars could align and the Fates could tell me what I should do. Hmmm...well, the only flower I have is attached to a pen so those petals won't come off easily, I spent all my quarters buying the Kindle,  I don't have a telescope to see when stars align, and I don't know when the Fates will be around to tell me. I guess I'll just have to succumb..........It is coming off...............halfway there.......there is no turning back now....(my heart actually sped up a little bit. That is a little ridiculous)......a little bit left......and it is off and in the trash. Wow...that was tough. Now I feel like I can't touch the screen.....great......


I wanted to make a new blog. Here it is. The end.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Everyday I'm shufflin

Finally Peggy and I learned the Party Rock Anthem Dance. Take a looksey:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just running!

The past couple weekends I have been running quite a bit. First it was the red rock relay. It was awesome. I had a super fun van/team. I ended up running about 15 miles in total. Thanks to Kami for taking the hard part of this race :) I definitely want to do this one again! 

 This past weekend I did the Dirty Dash with my friend Tyler. That was awesome. It is a 6 mile run/walk that is laced with muddy obstacles. Such as a balance beam over a pool of mud, muddy hay bales that you get to climb over, tunnels to crawl through, walls to climb over (or under...under was muddier), a slip 'n' slide, and a giant mud pit at the end! Sadly when I ran it, the photo people were not taking pictures at the obstacles. I was in the mud a lot and was covered with a good 1/4 inch layer at some points but you'll just have to imagine it because there are zero photos of that. But we did get a before and after.  I will be doing it again next year for sure and would love to do it as a team....let me know if you want in :) 

Next adventure...rock climbing! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love the Primary!

I seriously love working the Primary. Today we sang the song "We'll bring the world this truth," aka "Army of Helaman." It is incredible how one song can bring back so many memories. It made me want to go back and be a fulltime missionary again! I had a hard time not breaking down and crying. Not for sadness or anything like that.  I can't really explain how it feels or the emotion behind it but I think if you have served a mission you would understand. I loved my mission so much and am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to New York.

Monday, August 29, 2011

An Update

So as you all know, I have been terrible at updating my blog. That's probably because all I do it work and can't really think of anything good to blog about. Work has been good...but I don't know how much you want to really hear about how I scanned milk again or how the calls were...especially when people tell you about the parasites they had before they did a parasite cleanse...yeah...I didn't think so either. Mostly I just wanted to share this HILARIOUS video with you. I have just been laughing here at my desk by myself. The people around me probably think I am weird.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

If I Had You

Another Music video!! WOOT!! 

Click here if you want to see it!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So our stake put on a horseshoes tournament this past week. A couple weeks before we were waiting by the bishop's office for ward choir and one of the counselors, Bro Pane'ee told us that we should sign up for the we did. Team Sorenson began. After much anticipation, the day finally came for the tournament. Don't worry...we were well prepared. We looked up how to play horseshoes on youtube a few hours before. We put on our tye-dyed shirts and headed off to the park for the tournament. We were definitely the youngest ones there and the only females entered into the tourney. At this particular tournament you played to 15 and played matches best 2 out of 3.  The tournament began and the first team we played was Bishop Ewing and his son James. Now I'm not trying to make excuses but we lost...probably because it was the very first time we had ever played horseshoes and were still trying to figure it out. We scored only 1 point that first game. The second game we made a 900% increase and scored 9! Most improved? I think so! We ended up losing both of those games. The second team we played we totally dominated!! We got ringers, and leaners, and a lot of one pointers. They didn't even know what hit them. And the last match we played was against pretty much the best team. We gave them their only loss of the day! WOOT! The next day we continued the tournament. We lost to Dad. He couldn't let his little girls beat him. At the end of everything, we didn't end up winning the tournament but we were probably the funnest team to play and we celebrated whenever anything good happened. All the old guys liked us! Now we if could only get the young guys to....

Team Sorenson ready for the competition
Just can't hide the excitement

Nice form!!

If you like it then you should've put a ring on it! 
Celebrating our 900% increase!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! Today we did our easter egg hunt (which almost didn't happen...but I'll tell you why it did happen). So this morning I was ichatting with Joni and James and we were talking about easter egg hunts. They were going to go to the store to get some treaties for their easter egg hunt. I asked Joni if she knew if mom and dad were going to be having one. She said no but that I should go get stuff to do the hunt. I didn't have any monies so we thought of other stuffs that I could put in the eggs and so it began. I was super excited. I started hunting all over the house for stuff that would fit in the eggs. When I would find good stuff I would run to my room and dump it on the floor like so:

After I had found a good collection of stuff (everyone contributed whether they knew it or not) I hid myself in my room and started filling the eggs:

Joni gave me the idea to cut out coupons. This one was one of my favorites. Carli was lucky enough to find this egg:

After I stuffed them I went to a track meet and then came home and it was time for our hunt. I went out and hid the eggs:

Then, the hunt began.  Jamie, Peggy, Carli, and Dad quickly found their eggs. Mom took a little longer finding hers (she might just be out of egg finding practice since she usually hides them):

After the hunt we got to enjoy our spoils. Mom won a free picture with Peggy:

Carli got to give everyone a hug and found the big money egg with 50 cents inside:

Jamie found the chicken bouillon cubes:

Dad got a lot of bling bling and 14 cents:

Peggy got a cool key and a guitar pick:

  It was  a lot of fun and very funny. I think I thought it was funnier than everyone else! An egg hunt to go down in the history books!!  Happy Easter!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty pretty princess!

So tonight is the pretty pretty princess party with our ward! Fun right? So we decided that we needed to try on pretty pretty princess dresses. Here's the pics:

Sara is wearing Joni's wedding dress, Juicy is wearing Sara's homecoming dress,
Peggy is wearing Sara's prom dress, and Carli is wearing Jacque's Wedding dress. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break day Cinco!

So I haven't really been good at updating what has been happening. Day tres of Spring Break, Juicy and I cut our hair...well, Heather actually cut it. She did a great job! I would recommend anyone getting a haircut from her. Day cuatro we saw the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU and it was really good! I even got to use an Ipad! Pretty high tech right? Then day Cinco found us in Salt Lake! It was way fun. We went to the church History museum and did some spanish dancing, the beehive house, the Lion house for dinner, and to a really good piano concert. The Pianist was Josh Wright. He did a great job. I hope that Carli will learn a lot of the songs that he played. Here are some pics: 

Juicy giving her general conference address

Spanish Dancer turn around! 

I love to see the temple!

Love this!

Wouldn't be a trip without the Jumping pics


So the sign says to "Stop here on red" Look where this guy stopped.....hmmm...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break Day Dos

Day two! We went to trafalga and did mini golf. Mom (score 54) beat Jamie (score 55) by one, Jamie beat me (score 56) by one, and Carli and Peggy tied at 70. It was a pretty close one. We had quite a few "hole-in-ones." Check it out:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Day Uno

So this week is Spring break for Carli and Peggy. My spring break started earlier and will end later! Anyway, we were going to head to Nebraska but due to sicky circumstances we decided not to go.   So today we went to the park city outlets!! It was a lot of fun! We walked into a store...tried on a bunch of clothes..none of which looked good...left the store...and repeat. I wanted so badly for something to just look super good because I want new clothes but alas, nothing. Until we came to the adidas store!! I got a new pair of sambas!! WOOT! This time they are white!  I love them. They look good :)

Leaving for Park City

Taking a break on the rides..Pegs is a little creeped by the guy riding in her van

Juicy is sad she doesn't have a fast horse like me

If you look closely, you'll notice that me and Jamie are wearing pretty much the same thing. It wasn't even thought we looked like gang members. "HECHO EN QUEENS"

We'll see what tomorrow has in store!!