Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I were a guy....

Here I am, at work again! Just like yesterday, it is slow. Guess what I did today!! I designed my own suit! Pretty awesome right?! I decided that if I were I guy, I would take my cue from James Bond and have really nice suits that were tailor made. Suits make pretty much anyone look quite dashing. What makes them look even more better is when the suit actually fits.

Here my ideal suit:

First, it would be grey..(or is it gray?...I am going to look it up...hold on a sec.......ok...apparently they are both correct...I'll go with grey). While black, blue, tan, brown, champagne, and green suits all look good, Grey suits look SO good! Something about the color grey is fantastic.  I would actually have two grey suits. One is dark grey with a subtle checked pattern and the other one is a straight up light grey. Why do I need two? I'll tell you. I can't really decide between the two different shades of grey or if I'd want my suit to be double-breasted or single-breasted. If I get two, then I don't have to decide.

Click on the photo if your interested in a tailored suit! They'll send a style consultant!!

I thought about going into all the other details including (but not limited to) the lining, the pockets, the buttons, and the lapels, but that might just bore you. Just know that I would look incredibly sharp and smashing in whichever suit I chose to wear.

There are definitely a few things worth spending the money...a nicely tailored suit is one of them...with a nice paisley tie. :)

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