Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! Today we did our easter egg hunt (which almost didn't happen...but I'll tell you why it did happen). So this morning I was ichatting with Joni and James and we were talking about easter egg hunts. They were going to go to the store to get some treaties for their easter egg hunt. I asked Joni if she knew if mom and dad were going to be having one. She said no but that I should go get stuff to do the hunt. I didn't have any monies so we thought of other stuffs that I could put in the eggs and so it began. I was super excited. I started hunting all over the house for stuff that would fit in the eggs. When I would find good stuff I would run to my room and dump it on the floor like so:

After I had found a good collection of stuff (everyone contributed whether they knew it or not) I hid myself in my room and started filling the eggs:

Joni gave me the idea to cut out coupons. This one was one of my favorites. Carli was lucky enough to find this egg:

After I stuffed them I went to a track meet and then came home and it was time for our hunt. I went out and hid the eggs:

Then, the hunt began.  Jamie, Peggy, Carli, and Dad quickly found their eggs. Mom took a little longer finding hers (she might just be out of egg finding practice since she usually hides them):

After the hunt we got to enjoy our spoils. Mom won a free picture with Peggy:

Carli got to give everyone a hug and found the big money egg with 50 cents inside:

Jamie found the chicken bouillon cubes:

Dad got a lot of bling bling and 14 cents:

Peggy got a cool key and a guitar pick:

  It was  a lot of fun and very funny. I think I thought it was funnier than everyone else! An egg hunt to go down in the history books!!  Happy Easter!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty pretty princess!

So tonight is the pretty pretty princess party with our ward! Fun right? So we decided that we needed to try on pretty pretty princess dresses. Here's the pics:

Sara is wearing Joni's wedding dress, Juicy is wearing Sara's homecoming dress,
Peggy is wearing Sara's prom dress, and Carli is wearing Jacque's Wedding dress. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break day Cinco!

So I haven't really been good at updating what has been happening. Day tres of Spring Break, Juicy and I cut our hair...well, Heather actually cut it. She did a great job! I would recommend anyone getting a haircut from her. Day cuatro we saw the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU and it was really good! I even got to use an Ipad! Pretty high tech right? Then day Cinco found us in Salt Lake! It was way fun. We went to the church History museum and did some spanish dancing, the beehive house, the Lion house for dinner, and to a really good piano concert. The Pianist was Josh Wright. He did a great job. I hope that Carli will learn a lot of the songs that he played. Here are some pics: 

Juicy giving her general conference address

Spanish Dancer turn around! 

I love to see the temple!

Love this!

Wouldn't be a trip without the Jumping pics


So the sign says to "Stop here on red" Look where this guy stopped.....hmmm...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break Day Dos

Day two! We went to trafalga and did mini golf. Mom (score 54) beat Jamie (score 55) by one, Jamie beat me (score 56) by one, and Carli and Peggy tied at 70. It was a pretty close one. We had quite a few "hole-in-ones." Check it out:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break Day Uno

So this week is Spring break for Carli and Peggy. My spring break started earlier and will end later! Anyway, we were going to head to Nebraska but due to sicky circumstances we decided not to go.   So today we went to the park city outlets!! It was a lot of fun! We walked into a store...tried on a bunch of clothes..none of which looked good...left the store...and repeat. I wanted so badly for something to just look super good because I want new clothes but alas, nothing. Until we came to the adidas store!! I got a new pair of sambas!! WOOT! This time they are white!  I love them. They look good :)

Leaving for Park City

Taking a break on the rides..Pegs is a little creeped by the guy riding in her van

Juicy is sad she doesn't have a fast horse like me

If you look closely, you'll notice that me and Jamie are wearing pretty much the same thing. It wasn't even thought we looked like gang members. "HECHO EN QUEENS"

We'll see what tomorrow has in store!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Safari time

So I taught sunbeams today about being thankful for animals and we went on a Safari. Thanks to James (Joni) for the Inspiration! I was so excited for it. Yesterday I cut out pictures of animals and made a bunch of safari hats and today we colored our favorite animals on them and wore them as we went on a safari...looking for the animals that escaped from Noah's Ark. It was a lot of fun. Teaching the sunbeams is a little different than teaching adult Latin people but I am excited to learn from them! I don't know if they had as much fun as I did.

I hope that all of you get to go on some sort of Safari one day. Thanks for the idea James!! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

She is a halfback

So I was listening to Pandora and the song "Invisible Touch" by genesis came on. I love this song. It made me remember a time when we thought it said "She is a halfback Physical Touchdown" and it made me laugh! That's all!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So, about 3 weeks ago I came home! Yay! Well...not really yay...I wanted to stay out in New York. But it is good to be back. It all kinda feels like a dream. I'm sure you other returned missionaries will understand the feeling. When I got on the plane to come home, it seriously felt like I had just stepped off of it to go preach the gospel. So...since I've been home this is what has happened:

-I spoke in church twice
-I went to get a new cell phone, couldn't handle all the decision making, wanted to start crying and jump on the next plane to New York where life was just easy..well not easy...just different, and I didn't end up getting a phone. Now I have one. Things have been better since that day.
-Started helping the distance runners for the Jr. High track team with juicy
-Realized that it is hard to run at a higher altitude. Running at sea-level was awesome!
-Got 16 credits of A's for taking a spanish placement test! WOOT!
-Changed my major to Spanish Education
-Visited friends and family in Logan
-Went snowboarding which was epic
-Watched a bunch of movies (Toy story 3-so funny-, Megamind-love it-, Despicable me, The Karate Kid, The Blindside, Inception-probably my fav-, etc)
-Went to the priesthood session with Dad and Juice (Don't worry, we didn't listen...we turned the sound off on the tiny television...we just had to help run the show...we played mario kart and then while Juice played pokemon, I read "A rough stone rolling" which so far is a super good book)

It is interesting being home but I think I am getting used to it. Hopefully I wasn't too weirdy. My mission president told me in my last interview that I would be making the most important decisions of my life in the next few years. No pressure right? WRONG! There is only one thing to do, just continue living the life I love!