Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just running!

The past couple weekends I have been running quite a bit. First it was the red rock relay. It was awesome. I had a super fun van/team. I ended up running about 15 miles in total. Thanks to Kami for taking the hard part of this race :) I definitely want to do this one again! 

 This past weekend I did the Dirty Dash with my friend Tyler. That was awesome. It is a 6 mile run/walk that is laced with muddy obstacles. Such as a balance beam over a pool of mud, muddy hay bales that you get to climb over, tunnels to crawl through, walls to climb over (or under...under was muddier), a slip 'n' slide, and a giant mud pit at the end! Sadly when I ran it, the photo people were not taking pictures at the obstacles. I was in the mud a lot and was covered with a good 1/4 inch layer at some points but you'll just have to imagine it because there are zero photos of that. But we did get a before and after.  I will be doing it again next year for sure and would love to do it as a team....let me know if you want in :) 

Next adventure...rock climbing! 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love the Primary!

I seriously love working the Primary. Today we sang the song "We'll bring the world this truth," aka "Army of Helaman." It is incredible how one song can bring back so many memories. It made me want to go back and be a fulltime missionary again! I had a hard time not breaking down and crying. Not for sadness or anything like that.  I can't really explain how it feels or the emotion behind it but I think if you have served a mission you would understand. I loved my mission so much and am so thankful that Heavenly Father sent me to New York.