Friday, July 31, 2009

Another problem

I still have to do three more posts I believe. That is a problem. I don't know what to write about. Well, actually I only have to think of two more things because I have an idea for one but I am experiencing technical difficulties. Okay, I thought of one.

One time, we made homemade pizza and it was delicious. We had some leftovers and the next day Carli decided that she wanted some. She put it in the microwave, pushed the pizza button (or so she thought..I think she pushed the popcorn button) and left. Needless to say, when she came back it was charcoal and smoky. The entire house stunk the rest of the day and the next day. It reminded me of when my Grandma Carlisle stuck a hot dog in the microwave for about 5 minutes. My Grandpa Carlisle tried it and said that it tasted like shoe leather. Funny! The end!

A problem

So one time when I was young..maybe like 10 or 11, I was driving home with my sisters (and by driving home I mean Jacque was driving and I was in the backseat). There used to be this way crazy bump in Springville that would make your stomach jump when you drive fast over it. We started to head that way and I had to go to the bathroom really really bad. I said something like this to my sisters, "Don't go too fast, I'm gonna spill the beans." For some reason they thought it was funny. Who Knew. The End.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Viva La Vida

You get two today because I forgot to post on Saturday. Luckies! I finally got my music video on here so enjoy!! This is my favorite one!

Something Amazing

One time, me, Alli, Jamie, and Aunt Sue were at a baseball game. A fly landed on my leg and stayed there for a while. Slowly I lowered my hand in the flicking position and suddenly I flicked it before the fly even knew what was going on. It landed on the bench in front of us....dead...or so I thought. A while later it flew away. I totally stunned a fly...with my bare hands. It pretty much was amazing. The end. (The picture of this is on my phone and I can't upload it so you'll just have to imagine for now)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fool me once, shame on you

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jamie who was the ultimate April Fool's Champ until one year, a girl named Sara with the help of her sister Joni got her back.

April 1, 2005: Jamie had my track coach call and tell me that I am ineligible to run because of the grades my english teacher gave me (Which is a likely story because the english teacher was not very good). I started to freak out a little but then my track coach said "April Fools from Jamie." Jamie got me good. I got on the computer and was looking for something...anything..that would be better than what she did to me. I didn't have any success until I started chatting with Joni online. She gave me a great...nay...incredible idea. All I had to do was put my plan into action. Jamie was headed to work soon so I had to sneak out to her car, put a note in the middle compartment, write april fools on the suprise and stick it to the back without her knowing. I headed back into the house and was safe. She hadn't noticed a thing. She went to work and all I had to do was wait...wait until I could call and tell her to get the note in the car. A while later I called. I told her to go look in the compartment in her car and hung up the phone. All I could do for now was imagine the rest: She went out to her car. She was nervous because she wasn't sure what I had done. She opens the door slowly... looking... wondering... Then she opens the compartment and reads the note. 'What has wings but cannot fly? Look at the back of your car.' At first she is a little confused but then figures the riddle out....'A maxi pad' she thinks...and with a look of horror on her face runs to the back of the car and there it is, stuck to the back of her car for everyone who drove by her to see. SUCCESS! It had worked. I finally beat the ultimate april fool's champ. The end. (I don't really know if that whole scene happened but that is what I imagine. Jamie told me later that she just laughed and laughed and called Joni to tell her and laughed some more. I got to admit, Joni has some great ideas!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another goal

Okay. From now until I go on my mission, I am going to try and post everyday. If I can't get to the computer one day, I'll post two the next day. Most of these will be memories/funny moments and maybe some will be other stuff and you'll get to see a picture too (it may or may not go with the post but they will be some pictures that I really like). So here is the first post. Today, we (we meaning me, my mom, carli, and peggy) went to the fabric store to look for some fabric for mission shirts and skirts. We were able to find carli and peggy some fabric for swimsuits. On the way home, Carli mentioned that one time she got a hole in the back of her swimsuit at seven peaks water park. I recalled a time the summer after fifth grade and I got to go to shadow mountain. Shadow Mountain is about a week long camp for soon to be sixth graders from the springville/mapleton area. You can understand how important it is to fit in because all of us would be going to school together the next year. One day we were going on a five mile hike. At the end of the hike you could jump in a pond to become part of the polar bear club. It was pretty exciting. So we all were getting ready to go, putting on our swimsuits and such. I was changing into my swimsuit while I was in my sleeping bag. My swimsuit had some sort of picture on the front of it so that made it easy to tell which way was the front. I put my overalls on over that and was ready to go hiking. My swimsuit felt a little felt too small. I figured it would be okay. So we start hiking and I could tell there was something wrong with my swimsuit. It was giving me way bad wedgies. I had my friend look at it and she said it was on backwards. Oh great...I'm trying to fit in with all these soon to be sixth graders and I was wearing my swimsuit backwards. Go figure. It looked one of those wrestling uniforms that the wrestlers or weight lifters know..the onesie things. The neckline came just a little too low. Luckily I had my overalls on and I just didn't take them off. I couldn't risk the embarrassment of having put my swimsuit on with the picture on my back. So I became a member of the polar bear club in my overalls. The End.

Me, Joni, and Jamie at the Timpanogos Temple after I took out my endowments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A realization

I just realized that everytime anyone (inlcuding me) visits my blog, they get rickroll'd!!! HaHa! That is so awesome. If you don't know what rickroll'd is, click here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I want one!

My friend, Nate Fankhauser, showed my this one day when I was an R.A. my sophomore year of college. It is so funny!!! I remembered it when I was watching interviews on the ellen show. So So funny! (It might take a bit to load but so worth the wait! I guess if you don't want to wait, I'll post the link after the video!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The off season

On the way back to L-town from S-ville, I'm pretty sure that I saw Santa Claus driving north on I-15 in a red chevy cobalt. Here's how I know:
1. He was in a red sense
2. He had a long white beard and long white hair...and it was kinda curly
3. He looked like a fat, jolly man
4. He was driving north...hmm...north....north pole...coincidence? I think not
5. He had a hawaiian shirt on...everytime I've seen a picture of santa in the off season he is wearing a hawaiian shirt.

After looking at all the facts, I can definitely conclude that I saw Santa. How lucky can I be? WOOT!!!!