Saturday, June 28, 2008

Viva la Vida!

I heard this song by Coldplay called "Viva la Vida." I absolutely love it. Ya'll should go and listen to it. You can find it at this URL: Click on media player and Viva la Vida! I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Pretty much my summers consist of working and baseball games. The other night, me, Jamie, and Alli were at another Hyrum Hornets game. A foul ball was hit over the left fence and usually there is a swarm of kids that run to that ball like flies on a cow pie but this time there were zero. So I said "I'll get it." I ran over and got the ball. I decided to make a triumphant return and was saying "Yes! I got it," and I leaped and threw my arms up in the air. When I got by the players dugout, number 21 (I don't know his name) was there and I tossed the ball to him. Jamie or Alli said to ask for an otter pop, so I asked, "Now do I get an otter pop?" And he said, "Do you want one?" And of course I said yes. He asked me what flavor I wanted and I said pink (because pink is a flavor) and then he cut the top off for me and flashed me a way cute smile. I tried to get a foul ball at the game tonight but I was beat by a little boy. I made sure to tell him to get a piece of candy though. It was great!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You know it is a bad night when...

Last night, I was getting ready for bed and was about to brush my teeth. My toothpaste fell out of my hand and fell behind the toilet. It almost fell in but missed by inches. I started laughing and Jamie asked from her bedroom What I was laughing at. I told her that my toothpaste almost fell into the toilet. After I was done brushing my teeth I put my toothbrush back into the cabinet over the toilet and shut the door. When I shut the door, I heard my toothbrush roll and I thought to myself, "When I open that, it is going to fall." I thought I would fix it and opened up the cabinet door again. Lo and Behold, my toothbrush fell into the toilet. You'd think that I would have had enough sense to close the lid to the toilet but obviously I don't. I got the toothbrush out of the toilet and continued to brush my teeth. Just kidding...that would be sick..I actually just tossed it in the trash. Now I have to go get a new one.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wasatch Back Pics

Here are some of the pictures from the Wasatch Back Relay. If you want the whole story, read the post below entitled "Death by Running."
I was standing on a rock in the middle of a stream (if you couldn't tell) as we were waiting for one of our team members to run by.

Jamie and Gena. Best Friends For Life! Woot Woot!

Me and Jamie by Jordanelle (I think). We were finished! Yahoo!This was in Park City by the finish line. We were waiting for our group to get done. Don't you like how Jamie and Gena look cute and then there is me...flexing...
This is part of the scenic route we took to get to park city. It was definitely beautiful throughout the whole race.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Death by Running

I didn't really die but there were sometimes it probably would have felt better. I just completed the Wasatch Back relay over the weekend. It is an 180 mile race from Logan to Park City. The team consists of two vans with six people in side each one. Each person runs three legs which vary from 3 miles to 8.5 miles. I was the lucky one (thanks to Jamie) and got to run the 8.5 miler.

I was the first runner for my team, the "Spaceburgers." I was happy I got to be the first runner because I got to finish first. That sure was nice. We started at 11:40 am. My first run was 5.1 miles. It started to get pretty warm as I was running. I enjoyed the parts when I had a little cheering section so I want to thank my Mom and Dad, Carli, Peggy, Aunt Sue, Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson, and Alli! It sure helped a lot! I also was grateful for the texts from Joni. Those were nice! Anyway, I handed the little snap bracelet to Jamie after my first leg and got to rest for about eight hours until I ran again. The second leg was the 8.5 miler. It was pretty much all downhill except for the beginning and some parts throughout. You might think that running downhill is easy (which is was for the first 5 miles) but toward the end of my run, all I wanted to do was run uphill. My muscles were so tired from the hard pounding that comes from downhill running. But, I was able to finish and all was well for about another eight hours. That night, as the other van was doing their section of the relay, we were able to get about 2 hours of sleep. It was amazing how well I slept in the car. Then, it was time to run again. My last run was 5.6 miles. It was probably the hardest because my legs were shot. There wasn't much left it them and so I just sort of moseyed along. It took my longer to finish this one but when I finally did, there was much rejoicing. It was great to be done. Now all I had to worry about was relaxing. I slept for pretty much the rest of the time and then my Dad came to pick me and Jamie up to take us back to Logan. We got to stop and Chik-Fil-A on the way up, and that was awesome. It was good to get some food with substance into my fatigued body. I am so glad that it is done but I am also very glad I did it. It was mentally and physically challenging. I can barely walk, and I am very tired but I want to do it again. I would recommend it to anyone that wants an adventure. I'll put up pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So, I work at the D.I. (The dirty) and sometimes I just get angry because people do not know how to work. I am so very grateful that my grandparents taught my parents how to work who then in turn taught me to work. I wouldn't want anyone to be annoyed with me for not working. There are a couple people at my work who just follow everyone else around and talk to them. It is really bothersome. I just don't understand how they feel good about being paid to do virtually nothing but talk. If they wanted to get paid to talk they should just go work at western watts. Sometimes I wonder what the D.I. ever did without me. HaHa! Well, that's all for now. Catch ya'll later!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love baseball!

Me, Alli Brown (my cousin), Jamie (my sister), and Aunt Sue (my aunt) have been going to hyrum hornet's baseball games. They are so much fun. Even when they lose, I still have a good time. I have come to the conclusion that good company equals good times. I love yelling my old softball cheers like "there he goes just a walkin down the line singing do ah diddee diddee dum diddee doo....." and so on and so forth. It is just a good time all around! GO HORNETS! WOOT WOOT!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jumping on the bandwagon

Everyone else seems to be making a blog these days so I decided to join the club! Now if we could only get Jamie to join as well. This is going to be short and sweet because I have to work in the morning. Enjoy!