Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Change Up

I really can't make up my mind when it comes to these blogging things. Hopefully this will be the last change for a long while. I am now just moving my blog completely over to "Project 365." This project will continue until I post/take a picture everyday for a year. Until that happens (which it may never happen) you'll get my random posting and updates (which lately have hardly ever happened). I just like wordpress better and I can update from my Iphone which makes it so much easier. It will be a good change I think. Anyway, Catch me here: or on the link over to the right. PEACE!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ai Se Eu Te Pego

So, it has been a long time since I've written anything. Today, I just wanted to let you know about this fantastic song that I first heard this past weekend at my fantastic mission reunion. It is Brazilian. I love it. We had a dance party and I learned that dance that goes with it. Needless to say, I have been dancing  all week long.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365

I decided that I wanted to post all my pictures for project 365. If you want to see my pictures,  click on the link that is called "Project 365." It's on the right in case you missed it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love this girl!

As I was looking through the photos and videos on my ipod, I found this gem:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

Guess where I am? Give up? Not yet? Now do you give up? got it! I am at work!! Not very surprising, eh? I decided that it was time to write about my Christmas adventures. They weren't too adventurous....and I am only going to write about one of them.

I have a couple friends who are out in the mission field. I thought it would be really nice to send them each a Christmas package full of random things. I wanted to include a treat and decided that it would be really awesome to send them those chocolate and caramel dipped pretzel rods. I never received those when I was a missionary and they are delish!! I went to our local grocery store and bought all the things I needed to make those wonderful treats. I was actually going to make homemade caramel to dip the pretzels in. I was pretty excited. These were going to be so fantasticle.

I started making the caramel and it took a really long time to reach the right temperature. I don't actually think it ever got to the right temperature before I decided that enough was enough. It turns out that in Utah you have to account for the elevation. I didn't.

I covered them in milk chocolate and drizzled them with white chocolate and they looked so YUMMY!
I mean...look at them:

Unfortunately when the caramel hardened, it hardened. I didn't want to be responsible for any broken teeth in the mission field so I didn't send them. But I did take a picture and I sent that. Sometimes imagining something is better than having the real thing. We ended up putting the pretzels into the blender and made delicious ice cream topping!! Now I have 6 jars of chococarametzel goodness that are going into my food storage. If you ever find yourself wanting for some topping to go on your ice cream, let me know. I might be able to spare a couple spoonfuls.

It was quite nice spending Christmas with my immediate family but I did miss my family in New York. Tengan una Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I were a guy....

Here I am, at work again! Just like yesterday, it is slow. Guess what I did today!! I designed my own suit! Pretty awesome right?! I decided that if I were I guy, I would take my cue from James Bond and have really nice suits that were tailor made. Suits make pretty much anyone look quite dashing. What makes them look even more better is when the suit actually fits.

Here my ideal suit:

First, it would be grey..(or is it gray?...I am going to look it up...hold on a sec.......ok...apparently they are both correct...I'll go with grey). While black, blue, tan, brown, champagne, and green suits all look good, Grey suits look SO good! Something about the color grey is fantastic.  I would actually have two grey suits. One is dark grey with a subtle checked pattern and the other one is a straight up light grey. Why do I need two? I'll tell you. I can't really decide between the two different shades of grey or if I'd want my suit to be double-breasted or single-breasted. If I get two, then I don't have to decide.

Click on the photo if your interested in a tailored suit! They'll send a style consultant!!

I thought about going into all the other details including (but not limited to) the lining, the pockets, the buttons, and the lapels, but that might just bore you. Just know that I would look incredibly sharp and smashing in whichever suit I chose to wear.

There are definitely a few things worth spending the money...a nicely tailored suit is one of them...with a nice paisley tie. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sitting at work

This week was supposed to be UBER busy for work because of all the special offers and promotions we are having. But alas, they scheduled pretty much all of us to work and right now, I am just sitting here...waiting...........It seems silly that so many of us are here and we are all just chillin.

I finished the book I brought and it was great. I wish I would've thought to bring another one. Things are the same on facebook and on google+. I already watched the shows online that I like to watch. So what else is there to do? Oh, I know! I'll update my blog! I updated it yesterday but so much has changed!! I changed my clothes....I changed from my contacts to my glasses....I guess that is really all that has changed. I'm sitting in the same seat by the same people doing the same job that I've done for a while now...but I like it! Not many people get paid to sit at a computer all day and do whatever....except for maybe Neil... what?

Yesterday my sister and I tried out to sing "The Step-sisters Lament" from Rogers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" in the stake musical. We made it!! I'll let you know what that is so you can come watch us! For those of you who read this and are familiar with my sister (Juicy) and I, you might think that this is something we probably wouldn't do. Well...I guess it seems more like something I would do than Juicy...anyway, the reason we decided to tryout was to prove to my Mother that we could. You might say that we are a little competitive....Dad would say that it is the "Carlisle" gene; I say that it comes from both sides of the family. If there is anything that you think we can't do, we will prove you wrong. So, come watch us in the stake musical! My two little sisters and mom are also participating. It will be fantastic!

Guess what else!! I have tried and tried to learn how to play bar chords on my guitar. That is where one finger acts as a is hard to explain...just know that it is really hard. The other day, I found the chords to a song that I really like and of course, one of them was a bar chord. I thought that I would just try to bar one more time and....SUCCESS! For some reason it just worked this time. That day was a very happy day.

1 hour and 41 minutes left of work....but whose counting. Now to figure out something else to do.........