Friday, August 22, 2008

Snowboard! Oh baby!

I ordered my snowboard a couple days ago! It should get here on Monday! I am so very very excited. It is a Salomon Lotus and it is sweet. I am so excited for winter already! If any of you want to go boarding, let me know because I sure want to!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Ohio adventure...ended

So the Ohio Adventure is officially over. It is definitely bittersweet. Sweet - I am so glad that I don't have to spend hours in the Great Burbino (suburban). Bitter - I'm going to miss Joni and Rocky, and Jacque and Dean and the Boys so very very much! It was so much fun to be around them!
On Monday we got to go to Rocky's white coat ceremony. It was pretty cool. Apparently the white coat gets longer as you become closer to being a doctor. I always thought they were all the same length. Now I can officially call Rocky "Doc." We finally got our Ohio State t-shirts after the ceremony. We left Joni and Rocky in Ohio and headed to Michigan with Jacque and Dean.
On Tuesday we were able to watch Jaxon and Carson in their Gymnastics class. It was so funny. Jaxon is a head taller than all the other kids in the class and Carson is just Carson. Carson's class was awesome cause the kids are so uncoordinated. I really enjoyed watching them. Tuesday was a really good day because we got Sunday Dinner! We didn't have to eat out! Woot Woot! I also got my ice cream cake. It was delicious even if it was a few days late. As we left Jacque and Dean that night, we got lost for a while. It was funny. But my Dad says we weren't lost...go figure. He knew where we were and the general direction.
Wednesday we started the fun trip home. It was very long. I am glad we had four drivers so I only had to drive once each day. Driving for long periods of time makes me cranky and I start to wear my cranky pants. My Dad said that I have a cranky face too when I drive. I'm pretty sure that goes away once I am done driving. We didn't get a picture of it. But it is caused because I don't have sunglasses (mine are broken) and it is bright so I squint the whole time I am driving.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were driving days. We were able to go to Notre Dame and to Mount Rushmore. Those were pretty cool! One night we were looking for a place called Samurai Sam's for dinner and we were driving around looking for it. After we had been driving for a while, Peggy excitedly screamed, "Fantastic Sam's!" She saw the haircutting place and thought it was Samurai Sam's. We were able to stop and see Chimney Rock and Wee granny's monument thing. We actually found two monuments and Peggy, after we saw the second one, said "She's buried here too?" It was pretty funny. I guess you could say little Pegsters was the comic relief.
We made it home on Saturday and there was much rejoicing. It was a way fun vacation but I am glad to be back in Springville for a few days.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Ohio Adventure Continued...

I don't really remember the days anymore..they have kind of just meshed together. There is only 6 days left until we come home. I'm sad that I will have to leave Joni, Rocky, Jacque, Dean, and the two cutest boys in the whole wide world! It certainly has been fun spending time with them. Alright, on Friday we arrived in Columbus! Woot Woot! It was good to finally be here. We helped Joni and Rocky move their boxes in. Their house is pretty nice. That night we all slept on the floor somewhere in the house. That night Jaxon slept on a sleeping bag and I was about 8 feet away from him on another blanket. During the night he slowly rolled over and I woke up feeling a little something at my side. He slowly kept stealing my blanket and so I eventually just put my blanket on him and crawled over to his sleeping bag to sleep. Jaxon and I played a silent game of musical beds. Jacque said that I said some pretty funny stuff while I was sleeping. Apparently I do that a lot.
On Saturday it was my BIRFDAY! The big 2-0. It just feels the same as 19. We went to cedar point and it was fun until it started to rain. We had to miss out on the dragster which was a bummer dealio but it is all good. Tomorrow I get to have a cake! Woot!
Today, we were able to go to church in Kirtland. It was just dandy and then we went to the visitors center which was way cool and learned all about Newel K. Whitney and his wife and all the stuffs that went on there. We were also able to take a shortened tour of the Kirtland Temple. It was pretty neat. It definitely is amazing that the saints were able to build all the stuff they did.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ohio is where I'm from....Part One

August 3, 2008 - Day One of the Ohio Adventure - Destination Cheyenne, Wyoming:
We started our road trip Sunday afternoon after church and a delicious Sunday dinner. We packed our stuff up in the suburban AKA The Battleship Death Star Gallactica. We traveled to Evanston, Wyoming where we saw some lovely sights like middle-aged men changing by the gas station pump, and met up with Joni and Rocky. Jamie and I jumped into the Bugly and started the trek to Cheyenne. We saw some pretty cool things like a windmill farm...well that was really the only cool thing. Driving through Wyoming is boring I think.

August 4, 2008 - Day Two of the Ohio Adventure - Destination Kansas City, Kansas
Funny story, when we were talking about going to Kansas City, I immediately thought Kansas City, Nebraska and not Kansas City, Kansas. I told Jamie and she said she was thinking the samething. We must live in the same house or something. It was a long drive to Kansas City. Carli and I started in the Bug, then it went to me and Jamie, then me and Peggy, and finally Jamie and Peggy. I got to ride in the Suburban and watch the first part of the first Lord of the Rings. Then the battery died on the laptop. My dad hooked us up with a night at a Courtyard Marriott. I think it is cause he must work in the CIA or something cause of all the hookups he has. We went swimming in the pool a little after we got there. We had races, played marco polo, had a cannon ball contest and other such things. Dad pulled his gastrocnemius (his calf). He has been limping ever since...poor daada!

August 5, 2008 - Day Three of the Ohio Adventure - Destination Quincy, Illinois
I am definitely sick of fast food. Today we were able to go to the Visitor's Center in Independence, Missouri. It is by the community of Christ's temple. Their temple looks like a futuristic building. It is kind of interesting. I really enjoyed the church history tour. The sister missionary that took us on the tour was very nice. She did a good job. We also got to go see liberty jail. That was really neat. I am very grateful to Joseph Smith and his sacrifices for the Gospel. We stopped in Hannibal Missouri to see the Mark Twain stuff but it was all closed. We were able to see the Mississippi River though. It is huge. It was pretty cool.