Monday, November 16, 2009

Never looked so good!

" An elder said I looked like a grandma the other day. Way funny huh. And I totally did! It was hilarious. Oh the joys of being a sister missionary."


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thumb War?

Hermana Sorenson fractured her thumb playing softball, which has delayed her leaving the MTC. She is still there are will be for a few more weeks. She had surgery which went very well and is on the mend. She said this about her surgery:
" So I'm just chillin like a villain in the surgery place in provo. I'm wearing a sweet periwinkle gown with some sweet paper shorts. I'm pretty sure that you are so so soo jealous of me.....I'm kinda bummed out beacuse I have to stay in the MTC longer but the Lord has a plan so I'm going to just trust that there is something I need to learn, do, or someone I need to help or both or many other things..."


Sunday, October 18, 2009

..And thats whats so great about NEW YORK!

Hermana Sorenson will be heading out from the MTC to New York. 
Her address is:
New York New York South Mission
85-69 60
th Dr
Elmhurst, NY 11373-5547


Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh I wish...

"Don't you wish you could be a missionary and testify of the Book of Mormon? Well, you CAN! So do it! Find someone to share the gospel with ahora(NOW). The girl Brianne( the one they talked with through e-mail or instant messenger through the referral center), she emailed us back ans ahd had read in Moroni 10 and prayed and such. It made me feel so good...WOOT! It's so cool how much happiness you feel when you are able to share the gospel with someone. I am excited to get to New York! And nervous...Pray hard and often!
-Don't you love how Elder Bednar described our family...'she's looking out my window...'"


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brightly Beams

The latest from Hermana Sorenson:
"Oh, so you are going to be super jealous. For Sunday fireside the special musical number was (Hymn 335, Brightly Beams) was sung by polynesians/islanders. It WAS SO GOOD! And the the speaker talked about what the hymn means and now it's pretty much one of my favs now. "

This is what I imagine it to have sounded like:
Moleni Brothers


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Week One

Much to my surprise I got an e-mail from "Hermana Sorenson".
Here's what she had to say:

"I am so good. I love the mtc. The first few days were kind of overwhelming but then sunday came and it was so awesome! I love sundays here!! I have learned so much in the past week then I ever have in my life. I can pray in spanish now and can bear my testimony. It's been pretty cool! I just love it....don't email me back unless you use even though it is lame because i don't have enough time to write emails...but good!"

Sounds like she's got the MTC bug. Sundays there really are amazing, what other time do you get General Authorities for your teachers?


Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Headmac of Sara's Blog

Hey, so since Sara is now on her Mish, she asked if I would keep ya'll updated.
Being the wonderful sista that I am, I said I maybe could.
The only real piece of info I have is her address:

Sister Sara Jan Sorenson
MTC Mailbox #273
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo UT 84601-1793

Speaking from experience....mail is like GOLD! I know she would love to get some.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm a gangsta gangsta.

I took this picture of carson and it pretty much rocks!!! Now If I could just get Jaxon to pose like that for a picture.

Thanks to everyone who came to hear me speak on the 16th! I really appreciate it! And to those who couldn't come you were missed!!! My last blog for 18 months will be coming on monday...maybe....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love ya tomorrow!

Tomorrow I get to see more of this...

And this...

And this...

And this....

And Saturday I get to see some of this....

And this....


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So There is a song that I really like and It's from High school Musical 3. I know right!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Talking to myself

Usually at least once every couple days, I get a call from Jaxon and Carson. Usually it's Jaxon. He just likes to talk about Mario Kart. Today I got a call and I talked to Jaxon for a while and Carson for a little bit. Jaxon told me he had to leave. Usually I just hang up the phone but this time I waited. I found out that Jaxon doesn't hang up the phone. I sat and listened to all the background noise of the boys. It was quite funny. I am so excited to see them and lil biz and everyone else in 4 days!! WOOT!! Oh and Carson got his hairs cut. Lame, I know! He had my back for so long, telling his parents that he couldn't get his hairs cut because I needed to see it. But, sadly, he sold out....and guess what he sold out for. A bath. Go figure. He could've tried to get candy or a cool toy or something, but a bath? Are you kidding me? Oh well. I guess you just can't count on anyone these days...especially if their dad is Dean.

It's Your Berfday?!

So yesterday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me!!! It was pretty good...I didn't get the cake I wanted or any of the presents...but hey, at least I wasn't traveling somewhere which is usually what seems to happen. I had an ice cream/brownie cake which was really delicious but I just wanted a pudding cake. Luckily we get to have that when Joni and Jacque and their families are down. WOOT! I got a really good book too so it all turned out okay! So, now I'm legal and really can't do anything illegal...bummer...Well, 2 and a half weeks and then I'm in New York! I guess that really is the best berfday gift even if it is a little late.

Monday, August 3, 2009

When I was a young warthog I've never been a warthog...just in case you were wondering. But I used to be a young Sara (cause I'm so old) and have been blamed for some things that weren't me. One of these times in particular was when I was like 5 or something. I was playing with some friends and Jacque and Jamie were playing with there friends when someone said "I don't want to go to bed father." Everyone kept saying that it was me that did it. I kept saying that it wasn't me. The other kids wouldn't believe me and kept on say that I said those words. Finally I just succumbed to their pressure and said that I did say those words when in fact I did not. I just said I did to get them off my back. I mean really, what else is a 5ish year old going to do? To this day, I don't think my sisters believe me. I just want to say one more time: IT WAS NOT ME. The end.

Sickness to the max!

A long, long time ago my nephew, Jaxon, had just started to eat solid foods. Bananas (really solid, right?) and a little turkey steak I believe. I, being the favorite aunt, grabbed him and started playing with him after he was finished. I was laying on the ground and held him above me (kinda like junior birdman but with my arms). Suddenly he threw my mouth. It was pretty gross!!!!
Another time, Carson had just started eating solid food. I guess I didn't learn my lesson the first time. I had him held up above my head and he threw up. At least this time it just went all over my glasses.
Even though they did that, I still think they are the cutest boys EVER! Now I'm just waiting for Lil' Biz (Lilah) to do the same. The End.

Scary times!

Once upon a time Jacque, Jamie, and I got to go spend a few days with Aunt Peg and her family. One day I think Aunt Peg and Uncle Bob went to go to the temple or something. I just remember that it was late at night. Jacque, Lindsey, Jamie, Leslie, and Tony were watching the movie "Wait until Dark" I think. Alli and I were upstairs playing life. Scary movies weren't our thing. All of the sudden the house alarm goes off. I don't know if I've ever gone down the stairs as fast as I did then. I thought someone broke in and was robbing us or something. We went around the house with baseball bats. I was so scared! We didn't find anything and I don't remember what we did after that. Scary!!! The end!!

Time stands still

This thing is so cool!!! I want to do it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Another problem

I still have to do three more posts I believe. That is a problem. I don't know what to write about. Well, actually I only have to think of two more things because I have an idea for one but I am experiencing technical difficulties. Okay, I thought of one.

One time, we made homemade pizza and it was delicious. We had some leftovers and the next day Carli decided that she wanted some. She put it in the microwave, pushed the pizza button (or so she thought..I think she pushed the popcorn button) and left. Needless to say, when she came back it was charcoal and smoky. The entire house stunk the rest of the day and the next day. It reminded me of when my Grandma Carlisle stuck a hot dog in the microwave for about 5 minutes. My Grandpa Carlisle tried it and said that it tasted like shoe leather. Funny! The end!

A problem

So one time when I was young..maybe like 10 or 11, I was driving home with my sisters (and by driving home I mean Jacque was driving and I was in the backseat). There used to be this way crazy bump in Springville that would make your stomach jump when you drive fast over it. We started to head that way and I had to go to the bathroom really really bad. I said something like this to my sisters, "Don't go too fast, I'm gonna spill the beans." For some reason they thought it was funny. Who Knew. The End.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Viva La Vida

You get two today because I forgot to post on Saturday. Luckies! I finally got my music video on here so enjoy!! This is my favorite one!

Something Amazing

One time, me, Alli, Jamie, and Aunt Sue were at a baseball game. A fly landed on my leg and stayed there for a while. Slowly I lowered my hand in the flicking position and suddenly I flicked it before the fly even knew what was going on. It landed on the bench in front of us....dead...or so I thought. A while later it flew away. I totally stunned a fly...with my bare hands. It pretty much was amazing. The end. (The picture of this is on my phone and I can't upload it so you'll just have to imagine for now)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fool me once, shame on you

Once upon a time there was a girl named Jamie who was the ultimate April Fool's Champ until one year, a girl named Sara with the help of her sister Joni got her back.

April 1, 2005: Jamie had my track coach call and tell me that I am ineligible to run because of the grades my english teacher gave me (Which is a likely story because the english teacher was not very good). I started to freak out a little but then my track coach said "April Fools from Jamie." Jamie got me good. I got on the computer and was looking for something...anything..that would be better than what she did to me. I didn't have any success until I started chatting with Joni online. She gave me a great...nay...incredible idea. All I had to do was put my plan into action. Jamie was headed to work soon so I had to sneak out to her car, put a note in the middle compartment, write april fools on the suprise and stick it to the back without her knowing. I headed back into the house and was safe. She hadn't noticed a thing. She went to work and all I had to do was wait...wait until I could call and tell her to get the note in the car. A while later I called. I told her to go look in the compartment in her car and hung up the phone. All I could do for now was imagine the rest: She went out to her car. She was nervous because she wasn't sure what I had done. She opens the door slowly... looking... wondering... Then she opens the compartment and reads the note. 'What has wings but cannot fly? Look at the back of your car.' At first she is a little confused but then figures the riddle out....'A maxi pad' she thinks...and with a look of horror on her face runs to the back of the car and there it is, stuck to the back of her car for everyone who drove by her to see. SUCCESS! It had worked. I finally beat the ultimate april fool's champ. The end. (I don't really know if that whole scene happened but that is what I imagine. Jamie told me later that she just laughed and laughed and called Joni to tell her and laughed some more. I got to admit, Joni has some great ideas!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another goal

Okay. From now until I go on my mission, I am going to try and post everyday. If I can't get to the computer one day, I'll post two the next day. Most of these will be memories/funny moments and maybe some will be other stuff and you'll get to see a picture too (it may or may not go with the post but they will be some pictures that I really like). So here is the first post. Today, we (we meaning me, my mom, carli, and peggy) went to the fabric store to look for some fabric for mission shirts and skirts. We were able to find carli and peggy some fabric for swimsuits. On the way home, Carli mentioned that one time she got a hole in the back of her swimsuit at seven peaks water park. I recalled a time the summer after fifth grade and I got to go to shadow mountain. Shadow Mountain is about a week long camp for soon to be sixth graders from the springville/mapleton area. You can understand how important it is to fit in because all of us would be going to school together the next year. One day we were going on a five mile hike. At the end of the hike you could jump in a pond to become part of the polar bear club. It was pretty exciting. So we all were getting ready to go, putting on our swimsuits and such. I was changing into my swimsuit while I was in my sleeping bag. My swimsuit had some sort of picture on the front of it so that made it easy to tell which way was the front. I put my overalls on over that and was ready to go hiking. My swimsuit felt a little felt too small. I figured it would be okay. So we start hiking and I could tell there was something wrong with my swimsuit. It was giving me way bad wedgies. I had my friend look at it and she said it was on backwards. Oh great...I'm trying to fit in with all these soon to be sixth graders and I was wearing my swimsuit backwards. Go figure. It looked one of those wrestling uniforms that the wrestlers or weight lifters know..the onesie things. The neckline came just a little too low. Luckily I had my overalls on and I just didn't take them off. I couldn't risk the embarrassment of having put my swimsuit on with the picture on my back. So I became a member of the polar bear club in my overalls. The End.

Me, Joni, and Jamie at the Timpanogos Temple after I took out my endowments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A realization

I just realized that everytime anyone (inlcuding me) visits my blog, they get rickroll'd!!! HaHa! That is so awesome. If you don't know what rickroll'd is, click here.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I want one!

My friend, Nate Fankhauser, showed my this one day when I was an R.A. my sophomore year of college. It is so funny!!! I remembered it when I was watching interviews on the ellen show. So So funny! (It might take a bit to load but so worth the wait! I guess if you don't want to wait, I'll post the link after the video!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The off season

On the way back to L-town from S-ville, I'm pretty sure that I saw Santa Claus driving north on I-15 in a red chevy cobalt. Here's how I know:
1. He was in a red sense
2. He had a long white beard and long white hair...and it was kinda curly
3. He looked like a fat, jolly man
4. He was driving north...hmm...north....north pole...coincidence? I think not
5. He had a hawaiian shirt on...everytime I've seen a picture of santa in the off season he is wearing a hawaiian shirt.

After looking at all the facts, I can definitely conclude that I saw Santa. How lucky can I be? WOOT!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I don't know what it is....but it just don't fit

There is a song that I really like. I can't really tell you why cause it isn't the style/band that I usually like. When I first heard it, I didn't like it. I thought it was lame. In fact, I made fun of it. But now I just like it and the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It is "Paranoid" by the Jonas Brothers. I know right...weird. I kinda feel like a high school freshman again admitting that I like this song. I'm actually thinking about doing a music video to this....the planning is in process. Who Knew?

Warning: If you decide that you don't like this song, don't listen to it ever again. It will grow on you!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here are my favorite memories of the wasatch back relay! (in no particular order)

-Having sweet T-Shirts
-Giving Jamie a piggy back ride after I was done running!
-Beat boxing...if you can call it that...CHA
-The Christmas lights on the top of the car
-Finishing my 3rd leg of the race
-RAGNAR! Burninating the Countryside
-Getting beef jerky spilled all over my pants
-Neil stabbing those who sat in front of him with the headrest
-having six bags of beef jerky...
-getting free chapstick from team shaka laka
-Having Alli as bike support at night
-The BYU Cross country runner's UBER PERFECT legs..i wish he would've slowed down after he passed me..that's all I have to say
- Passing people (our team passed 81 people total even counting the people who passed us as negatives)
-Aunt Mary being late on our "team on three" cheer everytime
-Singing one line from pocahontas over and over (Savages Savages...)
-Laughing in the back on the way home
-playing with the binoculars with Alli
-Doing the "We're all in this together dance" for Jamie as she ran by
-Riding in the canyon without seatbelts...we were feeling on the wild side
-Playing scum and watching Taylor do his victory laps around the volunteer tent
-sleeping on top of a seat that was folded down and trying to hold myself up around corners
-Kami running pretty much 7 minute miles during her second was amazing
-Going to explore a "private property" and deciding not to because "guard dogs were on duty"
-having a hard time putting on the very flattering reflective vest...and then having to help taylor put on the vest
-Aunt Sue bringing enough treats for our van and every other van in the race!!! YUMMO!!!
-Covering my face with one hand and fighting taylor with the other
-Getting home and sleeping in my own bed for 12 hours!!

The relay was way fun! I hope those of you who ran will blog about your own memories! I'll be doing it again in 2 years!! WOOT!

Team on 3...2...3...TEAM!

Friday, June 5, 2009

So So Funny

Well since everyone else is posting videos from youtube, I want to!!! This is one of the funniest things I have seen in an uber long time! I'm definitely going to try it one day! The more you watch it, the funnier it gets.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

"I'm the King of New York"

I opened my mission call on Thursday! What a great day it was!!!! I am going to the New York New York south spanish speaking mission. I wanted to go anywhere spanish speaking. I certainly was blessed!!! It's so great how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and knows the desires of our hearts!!! I am so stoked! I leave on August 26th. WOOT!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now that I have grown a foot or two

So to let you all know, I turned in my mission papers and should be getting my mission call in the next couple weeks!!! I am so so so so so STOKED!!!!! So, if you want you can guess where I am going...there won't be any prizes or anything...but you can have the satisfaction of knowing you guess right. I'll let you know when I get my call!!!! WOOT!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Today for FHE, me, jamie, alli, leslie, tyler, and a bunch of friends went to see the wolverine movie (I added the family so you all would know it was a REAL fhe...not a fake one). I rather enjoyed it. It's kinda funny but for some reason all of the movies the critics don't like, I love...and vice versa. I liked the acting, the actors, the story, the special effects..I just liked it all....actually there was one part I didn't like and it made me sad but I won't spoil it for anyone so you'll just have to guess at which part if you've seen it. Hopefully they will make another one...but for now, you can find me walking around "whisshhhing" out my "claws" and screaming "YYAAAAHHHHH!!"

P.S. And now I'm really really really excited for Transformers deuce!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MIchigan! (WARNING:This post has a lot of videos)

Jamie and I went to Michigan for spring break to visit Jacque, Dean, and the Boys! It was way fun. We took a lot of videos so that is what I will mostly post. We left at 5:30 in the morning on the 7th (Thank you Grandpa and Grandma S. for letting us stay overnight and taking us to the airport).
The flight wasn't too bad except for the descent which made me feel a little queasy after. The Detroit airport was way long. We had to go from one end to the other...I am grateful for moving sidewalks!

Dean came and got us and it happened to be his birthday. We got him a whoopee cushion, a disc gun, and some mountain dew flavored lip balm. We are the best gift givers ever I think. He had a tractor cake (go figure). We got to see Joni and Rocky that night too. It was way fun! I miss them all the days.
It was way rainy pretty much the whole time we were there but it was still fun. We watched a lot of movies, went shopping (got the latest Michigan fashions), had a handstand contest and wheelbarrow races (Jaxon and Carson even lifted me, played sorry and battleship. We watched kung fu panda a few times and carson showed us
his kung fu moves.

My favorite part is when they knock each other over

Kung Fu Carson

Probably one of my favorite things I did was play with nerf gun. The two boys had these disc guns and they were on a team and then I had a six shooter nerf gun. I would run and hide and the boys would try to find me. Usually they wouldn't find me or would walk past me so I would pop out and shoot them with the nerf gun. It was hilarious. Jamie and I also got to ride on a four-wheeler that Dean has for his work (yeah..he gets to ride it at work..lucky). It was Jamie's first time ever riding/driving one...It was way funny....

Jamie on the four wheeler

We even tried to pack the boys into a suitcase. They were willing..but I don't think Jacque would appreciate that...even if our intentions were good.

Spring break was way fun and I'm glad I spent the monies to go! I am definitely excited to go back and see all of them this summer. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the vacation.
I have the cutest nephews EVER!!

Alli gave me the idea for these next three pictures

Pottys thlush

So, I was looking through my videos the other day and found this video of Carson. It made me laugh way hard. Hopefully you laugh too!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It is so important to get all your vitamins and perhaps extra to help boost your immune system when you are sick. I'm not one to take those so called vitamins in pill form so I try to find delicious and not so "processed" ways to get my all my vitamins such as the free 22 daily vitamins boost in my pink star jamba juice. If they are free...even better! Anyway, I have contracted some sort of sinus infection. Sinus infections probably scare me the most out of any type of "common" illness because one time my ear drum exploded cause of sinus pressure and the pain was intense. I was way worried that it might happen again so I had to do everything I could to get it to go away. I took decongestants, got extra sleep, skipped exercising, dressed warm, but the thing I found that helped the most was getting extra vitamin C. Now most of you probably get extra vitamin C by eating fruit, drinking juice, but my way is much more effective. One serving of these vitamins gives you 35% of your daily value of Vitamin C. These vitamins are so good that you just can't have one serving so you get even more vitamin C. They come in multiple flavors, are chewy, sweet, and even contain 25 grams of dietary fiber (based on a 2000 calorie diet). The Vitamins I contribute the short duration and low intesity of my cold to are Skittles Crazy Cores. They are sooooo good! They are my new vitamins! I suggest that you all try them!

Friday, February 20, 2009

One wish....

So one thing that I wish could happen would be to have a video camera filming me all the time...not because I am way conceited or anything but because sometimes the funniest things happen to me and I want to share it with everyone but words would not be as funny as the video. So...thursday in my aerobics class we were doing some abdominal work with a yoga ball. I fell off mine. Jamie has so kindly taken it upon her to tell people about it and when she doesn't even get the story completely right. Her perception of the incident is just completely wrong. I was adjusting where I was on the ball and I sat up but my gluteus Maximus was not on the ball when I sat up so it shot out behind me. Good thing I was in the back so only Jamie saw it.

On another note, I have a motor learning class and on friday's we have a lab. Today we got to use a radar gun to see how fast we throw a tennis ball. I got 60 miles per hour! WOOT! I can throw as fast as a grandpa driving a car on the freeway! Cool huh! It was way fun...I think I might go pro.

And on another note, I got my snowboarding boots a couple weeks ago. They are so awesome! I wore them around the house for a couple hours when I got them. And I ordered a beanie and it is lined with fur and it is so warm and I love it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


So me, Jamie, and our friend stephanie got to go snowboarding with Aunt Sue's ward. It was way fun. There was a lot more powder so that was way good! Here are some pictures and a video from it.That's my board!

Jamie, Steph, Me

Jamie's wipeout (Sorry it is kinda dark)

My Video!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Life and Times

So it has been a long while since I have blogged so here is a small update of some stuffs!

First...SNOWBOARDING! Me and Jamie went snowboarding a few weeks back and it was way fun(ny). I was able to teach Jamie and some others in the ward how to board a little bit. One of the first things I got to do was say "Stop Juice" or something along those lines and The first thing Jamie did was crash into me. Go figure...It was so funny. Later on I was teaching Jamie how to toe-side slide. And Jamie crashed into me twice more after that. Luckily I never got hurt. I never realized how dangerous it'd be for me to teach her. We are going again this week and I should get more pics and maybe a video.

Second...Jamie decided to blog about this one so go check out her blog if you want to read it.

Third...Official Size 28.5! That is the size of a girl's basketball in case any of you were wondering and That is the name of my co-ed intramural basketball team. We played our first game last week and won!! WOOT!!! We had the fast break offense going and we could've done it all day. It was so fun and I scored 13 points. KA CHOW!!! I'll be giving you updates about how the games go...I think we may start getting some newspaper coverage (The Dnews, herald journal, you know that kind of thing) and I may have heard/spread rumors of USU actually paying us to play intramural ball as well as let us go to school for free. Me and Jamie even went to the church to practice driving and shooting and such so Move over Wesley, Quayle, and Wilkinson and make room for us real ballers!